Writing For The Sims 2

This is a tutorial on writing stories for The Sims 2. The section on Story construction, however, is applicable for all writers.

This tutorial is worksafe. Each numbered section links to the others within it.

  1. Introduction
  2. Story Construction
    • Author Voice and Style
    • Plot and Characterisation
    • Grammar
    • Basic Punctuation
    • Commonly Misused Words
    • Other Stuff To Remember
    • Paragraphing
    • Tense and Viewpoint
    • Swearing

  3. Sim Direction Edited 27 June
    • Using Custom Content
    • Story Hacks and In-Game Cheats
    • Building sets
    • Tips and Tricks

  4. Photographing Coming soon
    • Photo quality
    • Using the in-game camera
    • Where your pictures are

  5. Uploading Coming soon
    • the exchange
    • Elsewhere


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Anonymous said...

Hi bethgael!

Just looking through your part one "Writing For The Sims 2" tutorial again.

I haven't finished chapter two of mine yet, sigh.
I won't give up though.:)

Also looking forward to your up-coming photo chapter.

I've got quite of few questions regarding posing, and embelishing the pic's using an art program.

I downloaded a few pose hacks,but it confuses me. For example: Do I make a few "copies" of my main character's, ie; looking worried or sad.
Killing them via Insiminator, instead of letting them sleep, to look dead?

Makes me tired just thinking about it, lol.

You make it seem so darn easy by up-date so quickly.

Take care

Anonymous said...


Thank you for this! : )

Bethgael said...


I've never used Insim, so I'm not sure what you'd do with that. :) But I've never actually killed any of my sims to get them dead, if that makes sense. You can use the lovebed, the "slip fall" animation from the Hula & More hack, or the "cough and die" animation from the same hack, setting the game speed to 7 or 8 using the "slowMotion" cheat so you get that split second when they're actually curled up dead.

Once I've finished the next chapter of ACTF2--believe it or not, I'm having trouble getting the sims to do what I want--I'll get the Sim Direction part done (I'm still trying to track down the makers of a couple of the hacks I use, to credit them properly). Hopefully that will help answer any q's you have.

What do you mean by "copies"? Do you mean havign more than one of the sim, or are you talking about pics?

Anonymous said...

'Lo bethgael.

Regarding your question about copies.
I read somewhere, that you should make a few clones/copies of your main characters when in Bodyshop.
Say, one of them looking sad by tweaking the eyebrows and mouth. Another looking sad, etc..
Does that make any sense to you?
Or perhaps it's just for movie making.

By the way, I loved your latest update for "A Continent Too Far"!
I feel the same way some of the other fans do.
Just when I think I may getting close to figuring out whats really going on, you throw a wrench in it. Gad! :)
I feel lucky there are great writers, such as yourself, willing to share the wealth.

Bethgael said...


You can do that if you want, I guess, but I don't. It's completely up to you. I find one Isy hard enough to get around, I couldn't imagine having more than one. ;-) She's a handful...

I use Decorgal's Talk hacks from Mod the Sims 2 for expressions.

Thankyou for your comments re CTF... fortunately, I have a lot of wrenches available *evil grin*


Anonymous said...

Hi Bethgael, I was wondering if the cheats sethour and slowmotion came with later eps or if they are useable with NL and Uni. I think the plumb bob cheat came with OFB but I could be wrong but it doesn't work with my game. A very thorough Tutorial, nice work. LP

Bethgael said...

Hey LP,

Yes, according to the 2 game guides I have (Nightlife and OFB), the plumbbobtoggle cheat came with OFB. There is a hack that can be used by Dave luv at MTS2 for anyone without OFB:

familyfunds, maxmotives, motiveDecay on/off showheadlines on/off all came with Nightlife, so should work with Nightlife and EPs released afterwards.

slowmotion, aging and motherlode all came with the base game, and from my research, setHour came with OFB but the game guide doesn't actually mention it, so I'm not 100% sure.

I shall update the article on the next edit to inculde this info. :-)

~ Beth

Anonymous said...

Hi bethgael!
So this where you've been hiding, lol.
Seriously though. Your new update rocks!
I felt it very educational. Some of the comments cracked-me-up. *your sims slap fest* hehe.
Oh, and don't think I didn't notice that flirt between your-sim and Reno-sim.. How cute was that.

Your update answered many questions for me.
I couldn't keep myself from reading further, before finishing my story, while your own poor self-simmie awaits my return.

From now on, for my own sanity, I'll upload the first chapter to TPTB, hoping it will be accepted.
Then do the rest, a chapter at a time.

I tried to install a new graphic card to my pc, but it has Vista on it, so I've got to wait until the 27th of this month to get a tech out here to install it correctly.

I downloaded the other hacks you mentioned. But a few have requires the University ep, which I don't have. So I'll just try them, and see if they work.
Plus it would be cool to get those lots you built. Hint hint.

Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bethgael,
I knew about the other cheats just not the slowmotion or the one to set the hours both would make picture taking sooo much easier. Thanks LP

Bethgael said...

LP, I wasn't sure myself... now I have notes here so I can update the article when I get a Round Tuit, and anyone else has the info, too. :-)

I also left a few out becuase I rarely use them.


You'd better get that story up soon. I want to see what yo've done with it! :-)

Make sure you mouseover the pics, I usually have a comment on them. ;-)

I don't know that I'd upload the lots, moistly because they're full of custom content I don't have permission to share.

>> How cute was that.

Yeah, Reno, eyes straight for the boobs. Figures *rolls eyes*

Bethgael said...

Yoikers. "Mostly". I should take my own advice about proofreading.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Laughing here... Ahh, ok. That was priceless; *moistly*.

When I read that, I didn't see your correction.

I was thinking "moistly"?
I wonder what she means by that?

Thinking you had the new Season's ep, and that your roof wasn't water-proof.
Thus, all of your custom items were moist!

Then I was really confused, lol.
Whew! I've got it now though.

Thanks, I needed a good laugh. ;)

Yack at ya later.


Bethgael said...

Always happy to entertain!

~ Beth

Anonymous said...

beth dear,

I forgot to leave a comment last time I dropped by. Just wanted to say your guide is amazingly helpful and there were some items I didn't know about that have helped me with my story immensely!

Thanks so much for doing this and all your hard work.



Bethgael said...

You're very welcome, Rhae. Good to see you putting the information to excellent use! :-)

~ Beth

Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for writing this. I've been toying with the idea of writing a Sims story for a long time now, and I stumbled across your tutorial through sexysims2. I've taken in a lot from the tips and tricks and links to content and such, and once all the cc is installed in my folder I'm going to immerse myself in Sim Storying (is that word?). Again, thanks a lot. :) ~ shrinkingviolet

Bethgael said...

Look forward to reading your story soon. :-)

~ Beth

Autumnfoxx said...

Hi Bethgael :)

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I've decided that I might *yes might* submit a story myself. I need all the help I can get, and this is simply fantastic. I'm such a huge fan of your writing so I glady accept all tips, tricks, etc. Thank you again. :)

~ Autumn

Bethgael said...

No, thank you for your kind comments on my writing.

I've been reading your comments on both mine and other's threads about you getting one of your own stories up. I very much hope we'll see that story, very soon. :-)

I will be getting the photography section up by the end of the month, I hope.

So, to you and shinkingviolet up there, don't make me go control freak on your arse. ;-)

Seriously, I'd love to see both your stories. Just make sure you get those apostrophes right. ;-)

~ Beth

Vix said...

Awesome tutorial! I knew most of this stuff, and a few of your peeves are mine as well. I do have one thing, I think you should add grate and great to common misused words, I have read many stories where they used those words wrong, like "He greated the cheese for his salad." and "That is grate news, I'm glad to hear that you finally got that promotion." OMG that really bothers me when they mix those up. My husband's bad at it and I always reply to him, "What does cheese have to do with anything?"