Might And Magic VII: For Blood And Honor

A Story-based walkthrough

History of This Story

Written: December 2002 - May 2003

This story was first written for a message board at EZBoard called "The Lifeline", which was an Age Of Wonders board for socialising, story telling and roleplaying. The story was written partially to lambast some of the regulars there (particularly the ones known as Dark Spider, Caber, Bard Taliesin and Blackmane, as well as Edirr, Frodo, Twoblade and Mikail), and partially just for fun. It was posted at that board but unfortunately was lost when EZboard was hacked. However, it's still on my computer. Go figure. As a result, though, there are a few "in jokes" within the story. Just ignore anything regarding Giant Bees and all will be good. :-)

A knowledge of the game would also make the story a wee bit more entertaining.

It was also posted on a now-defunct Might and Magic VII board and fansite, until the board folded and the owner of the fansite unfortunately died. It is a mini walkthrough, so you can take that as a Spoiler Warning. This story is worksafe. :-)

It's unedited, except for typos (although, gods, I'm itchin'....) Fortunately, my writing has improved in 5 years. I hope. Enjoy, anyway. If you'd like to comment on this story, you can do so below.

There are 18 chapters, all up. I'll post them all as time allows.

Chapter List

Episode One: Three Men and a Lady
Episode Two: Emerald Island – Dragonfly Paradise
Episode Three: Emerald Island – To wit, To win?
Episode Four: The New Lords of Harmondale
Episode Five: Goblins, Goblins Everywhere (added 19 Apr)
Episode Six: Hi–Ho, Hi–Ho, it's to Stone Town We Go
Episode Seven: Hi–Ho, Hi–Ho, Hi–Ho, Hi–Ho, Hi–Ho, Uh, To The King We Go : Coming soon

Story List

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