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Hey there. This blog is here to draw together all of the elements I've thrown together, over time, on the web. Since the late 1990s, I've played in the Age of Wonders universe, the Final Fantasy VII universe, the Baldur's Gate universe, the Might and Magic universe and on The Sims 2. A lot of the stuff is defunct, now, but I've spent some time updating my fairly well-known "Reno's Story" lately and this will give a chance for my other stories (not written in my real name) to find a home, especially given that their previous ones have, in some cases, disappeared into the ether.

This is the page I update if I have anything to say, so feel free to bookmark. I may add a rants page, too.

But for now, you can see my Notes on Sims 2 Pay Sites within my Writing For The Sims 2 Tutorial.

News: 6 August 2008: I just found out that Reno's Story has won the 2007 Genesis Award for Best Work In Progress Fanfic. That's kinda.... real nice. Thanks, guys.

14 November 2007: Tempestmir and I have started a new forum for all of our writing, in all formats. All of my stories, with the exception of those on this blog and Reno's Story, will be hosted there from now on.

Feel free to Join In here: Cassiopeia

I have also started doing digiart again. Years ago, I was a member of the PSP User's group, back when I had PaintShop Pro 5... which I am still using. And Corel just released version XI. Hmm. Anyway, if you want to see my latest effort (she says deprecatingly), I have a page on Deviant Art. Hmm. I'm thinking I need to brush up on my skills though (ha ha. Look ma, I did a pun).

Someone on the SxSims 2 board said that they would love to read "everything I've written", which is an incredible thing for any writer to hear, believe me. So, even if just for that one person, here you go. :-)

So, I will update, as time and space allows, links to other stories online, as well as posting the lost stories here. It'll take a while.

Warning: some adult content in some stories. In a couple of cases, a lot of adult content. I will be putting the appropriate labels on the stories. Use common sense, m'kay?

If you want to comment, you don't need a blogger account. Just use "Other" and fill in your handle, or "anonymous" and sign your name (if you want). Easy. :)

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Caber said...

Hey Beth,

Good job on the blog. I particularly like the M&M story. There is one character in that story that sounds brave, heroic and handsome. I look forward to reading more of his exploits.

Bethgael said...

Hey Cabie

You're referring to Bard, right?


Earth2luna said...

Oh bethgael, how cool!
Wow, you are such a good writer.
I outa know, since reading is basically my favorite past-time(outside of Sims 2). ;)
Love it, and LOVE Reno, drool.


Bethgael said...

Glad you dropped by Luna, and thankyou. You're welcome here any time, not least because you're always so nice to me. ;-) :-)

Feel free to comment over at the Reno site, too... of course I'll let you know when the new ch's up. I'm sensing a new addiction here. *grin*

Beth :-)

The_Mad_Catter said...

Well, Beth, I'm just leaving messages all over the place, aren't I? Actually, I was going to PM ya at SS2, but couldn't find a link to do that but there was your blogspot and here I am.
After doing absolutely nothing in the way of contributing something of meaning to mankind all day, I found myself wondering...do you think there will ever be away to overwrite TS2 code someday so that things can be layered on Sims? We've got move objects on for inanimate stuff...and you can layer colors on critters.
If you could mix hairstyles, wouldn't that be cool?
Obviously if it were something that could be done (by now) it would have been done (already). I just know that EA changes their code so that the format is saved differently every time. My guess is that it's to allow different behaviors, animations, interactions and whatnot.
Damn, I joined DeviantArt and then realized I cannot upload any of my original art unless I shell over some money.
Which I cannot do.
Since I'm between jobs.
Which I hate.

Well, hell girl, I'm going to read chapter 17...ttfn!


Bethgael said...

>> Well, Beth, I'm just leaving messages all over the place, aren't I? Actually, I was going to PM ya at SS2, but couldn't find a link to do that but there was your blogspot and here I am.

Coolio. :-) (Hoi. Way too much Scrubs lately).

As for overlaying, it would be an interesting way of doing things, but I'm not sure it would be possible--TS2 code is way too unwieldy (I wonder if that's intentional. I think it is). As it is, many of the jewellery meshes made earlier from the glasses don't always work properly with newer EPs; I've found that I have to do a "change appearance" on each sim upon reloading a lot if I have too many sims wearing custom glasses, to get rid of the blue flashies.

Layering the Sim people meshes further I reckon would slow down the average user's game so much it'd be too difficult, especially when you factor in issues like some people not being able to make low-poly hair meshes because they've actually taken poser meshes, converted them badly, slapped a texture on it and called them their own while charging people money and... coughs. Sorry, won't go off on a paysite rant now, but if you tried to layer two Peggy-mesh hairs you'd break your game, I'm sure.


To send a pm at SxS, you click on someon'es user name, and in the bar under their avatar/join date, etc., there's a series of links: "Add to your buddy list", "add to your ignore list", "send pm" etc.

~ Beth

Cass said...


Ignore it, whatever, I'm a dork :-P